A Simple Morning Liturgy with Small Children

At the beginning of 2021 we added a new daily family routine of family worship. Every evening (well, most evenings) we sit down as a family to read the Bible, sing, and pray. At the beginning of 2022 we have added another daily routine that we call “morning liturgy.” A liturgy is simply a structuredContinue reading “A Simple Morning Liturgy with Small Children”

Quotes from “Family Discipleship”

The Family That Disciples “Your family is the primary instrument and environment for discipleship in the life of your child, and your calling in this life is to give the discipleship of your home your unique best” (29) “Family discipleship is the important and mostly ordinary spiritual leadership of your home” (30) “Family discipleship isContinue reading “Quotes from “Family Discipleship””

How to Choose a Bible for Your Preschooler

Our daughter Lydia was able to follow along with Bible stories around the time she turned two. We owned several children’s bibles, but we quickly learned that not all children’s bibles are created equally. There are some great bibles available today for young children, but there are a lot more that are not worth yourContinue reading “How to Choose a Bible for Your Preschooler”

Why We’re Using a Catechism

My wife and I have started going through a catechism with our three year old daughter Lydia. When we’ve told people this, we’ve usually been met with one of two reactions. People who have used a catechism are excited and encouraging. People who haven’t used a catechism are confused and maybe concerned. Since most ofContinue reading “Why We’re Using a Catechism”

Robertson Family Children’s Catechism

When we decided to use a catechism with our three year old daughter, my first thought was to use The Children’s Catechism. Some of the questions are perfect for this (“Who made you? God”) but many use archaic language or just seem beyond the grasp of a three year old (“What is sin? Sin isContinue reading “Robertson Family Children’s Catechism”